March 21, 2016


Will I actually be locked in the room?

No. In both of our rooms, there are exits that will always be unlocked in case you need to get out for any any reason.

How much are your rooms?

Our price per person is $25, including tax.

What time should I arrive?

We prefer if you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time. This will help both you and us because we spend that time briefing and allowing people to go to the bathroom before they begin.

Will I be grouped with other people?

It is possible you can be grouped with other people. The only way to make sure it’s only your group, is to buy out the whole room.

What happens if I don’t escape?

If your group is unable to complete the room, we will either walk you through what you didn’t finish, or, if time permits, we will allow you to finish the rooms yourselves.

Are your rooms scary?

Our rooms are family-friendly. As of now, we have no scary rooms, but we might add one in the future.

Can I book for a large group of over 10 people?

Yes you can! We can accommodate for groups up to 20 people, but we would have to split them into 2 groups, each group doing a separate room.

Can I book for a time that is not posted in your Current Hours?

Yes. If you contact us we could most likely work something out.

What are the age recommendations?

We recommend 14+. Kids who are too young usually don’t get much out of the game and are distracted/lose focus on the game. If you want to bring someone younger than 14 because you feel they will get the most out of the game, then feel free to bring them.